Meet the Farmers

Dan's Story for World Mental Health Day

Episode Summary

Ben speaks to Emma O'Donnell, founder of the DPJ Foundation. In July 2016 Emma's husband Dan died by suicide and Emma established the DPJ Foundation following Dan's death, helping thousands of farmers since then.

Episode Notes

Link to the website of The DPJ Foundation - Mental Health Farming Charity | Home | The DPJ Foundation

00:00:11 Ben introduces the podcast and today's guest Emma O'Donnell

00:03:17 Emma O'Donnell, today's guest, enters the conversation.

00:07:45 Emma explain's how she and Dan first met.

00:15:50 Emma talks about how she began researching mental health

00:19:56 Emma explains the events in July 2016 immediately leading up to Dan's suicide. 

00:31:30 Emma explains how people didn't know how to react around her.

00:34:56 Emma explains how the DPJ Foundation came into being

00:38:48 Emma searches for counselling

00:51:26 Emma's advice to people who are supporting others.

00:53:45 Starting to round up. Emma's message to farmers and message to the public.