Meet the Farmers

Farming and Schools with Luke Abblitt

Episode Summary

Ben speaks to Cambridgeshire arable farmer, and current President of Cambridgeshire Young Farmers, Luke Abblitt, who has done more than 30 schools talks since September.

Episode Notes

Luke farms at Daintree Farm in the Cambridgeshire fens, just outside of Ramsey. He grows wheat, barley, oil seed rape, potatoes and sugar beet. 

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00:18 Introduction from Ben.

01:41 Luke enters.

02:27 Luke talks about his part of Cambridgeshire.

04:26 Luke talks about Cambridgeshire County Council tenant holdings and how he got his own tenancy.

06:06 Luke talking about the X factor during his interview.

10:55 Luke discusses his life growing up on his dad's farm.

12:37 Luke had never seen a cow up close before.

13:20 'The Shez'

16:05 Luke's Farm Business Tenancy (FBT)

18:00 Potatoes

20:30 Ben and Luke discuss declining potato acreage. 

22:15 Red diesel cost last year.

24:00 Luke is reducing nitrogen application this year.

25:42 Luke's school talks and how they began.

30:20 Ask me questions, Luke asks the kids at the school. 

31:00 Children in school ask about net zero. 

31:54 Do children watch the news?

38:55 Farmer Clive.

40:30 Luke's message for the public.

41:33 Luke's message to farmers.

43:24 Health and safety on farms and the cost.

46:45 Luke's social media shout outs. NFU Education; Becca and Lizzie; Bizza Walters; R2KCast. 

48:47 Ben wraps up the show.