Meet the Farmers

JB Farming Life - Ben meets Jen Braithwaite

Episode Summary

Jen Braithwaite is one half of JB Farming Life. They are arable farmers from Lincolnshire and we discuss the various challenges of the arable sector, as well as Jen's previous career off the farm.

Episode Notes

Link to JB Farming Life on youtube - click here

00:18 Ben introduces the show

01:40 Jen comes in

01:48 Jen talks about her life in Lincolnshire

02:26 Jen explains the challenges of their arable rotation over the last few years.

06:10 How did James and Jen meet?

08:00 How has Jen's perception of farming changed, having not coming from a farming background?

10:58 Jen talks about her career in PR and motor sport before the farm.

15:55 Journalists covering motorsport before technology improved.

17:13 How Jen came to work with her brother.

20:22 Jen talks about their youtube channel JB Farming Life

21:50 Youtube as a tool for farmers to get their messages across to the general public.

23:30 Diversification on the farm. 

24:30 Jen's message for the public.

25:09 Jen's message for farmers.

27:18 Jen's shout out for @wifeonthefarm on Instagram

29:15 Round up. 

Image credit: Jen Braithwaite, JB Farming Life