Meet the Farmers

Meet the Yorkshire Shepherdess - Amanda Owen

Episode Summary

Ben speaks to Amanda Owen, who is probably one of, if not the most recognised farmers in the UK, having appeared on most of the main tv channels in series like The Dales and Our Yorkshire Farm, which has become one of Channel 5s most popular programmes, attracting over 3 million viewers.

Episode Notes

Link to Amanda''s latest book Celebrating the Seasons with the Yorkshire Shepherdess

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00:20 Ben introduces Amanda

02:12 Amanda comes in

03:14 Ben and Amanda talk about reading and writing

07:50 Young people with the farming dream

09:25 Writing books

15:07 Ben and Amanda discuss her most recent book Celebrating the Seasons with the Yorkshire Shepherdess - why are people so fascinated by the story of hill farmers?

22:06 Amanda talks about the Swaledale breed

24:17 How was the farm impacted by foot and mouth?

27:05 Dogs

32:08 Is Amanda a people person? 

35:18 Do what you love in life

40:00 Farmers getting the blame for everything

43:26 Amanda's message for the public

44:40 Amanda's message for farmers