Meet the Farmers

Past, present and future on a family pig farm

Episode Summary

Ben talks pigs with Yorkshire farmer Kate Moore (nee Morgan) who farms 1700 breeding sows. It has been a tough year for the pig sector, and we hear about how it's been for Kate's farm.

Episode Notes

01:35 Kate comes on

02:17 discussion on the current state of the pig sector

03:57 Is this pig crisis any different to previous crises?

07:48 Intro to Kate's farm and how it has changed over time.

11:50 The Morgan family used to have an outdoor unit. Here it is discussed.

13:35 The farm's diversifications

16:05 Kate moves from University to the world of work

16:45 When and why did she move back to the family farm?

18:50 Running and hockey

19:36 Kate talks to the media quite a bit...but why?

21:10 Bite into British campaign

28:00 Message to the Public

28:48 Message to farmers